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ABOVE: An image of Project Marx garden. When we began construction work at the Marx residence, keeping the garden in tip top shape was a priority. Careful planning had to be taken into consideration any of the construction work began.

BBCON is committed to the protection of the environment and to the reduction of environmental impacts stemming from its business activities to as low a level as is reasonably practicable.

The company will promote policies and operating procedures that conserve resources and minimise the environmental impact of its business activities.

BBCON aims to use energy, water and other natural resources and raw materials effectively, and prevent pollution by controlling its emissions, discharges and wastes, and disposing of or recycling materials in an environmentally friendly manner.

BBCON will identify areas of possible environmental risk, and will identify potential significant environmental impacts for each major project, product and service through environmental impact assessments.

As most projects undertaken by the company’s operations are on a contract basis for clients, accountability for the environmental impact of these operations rests with the client.

For projects that have environmental consequences, BBCON will assist in developing and implementing environmental management systems and plans to eliminate or minimise environmental impacts at the request of and on behalf of the contracting client.

Green & clean

BBCON will undertake appropriate rehabilitation of the environment at the request of the contracting client. Where BBCON acts on its own behalf and these activities have a negative impact, the company will set aside adequate funds and resources for environmental rehabilitation.

In all instances of an environmental incident, BBCON undertakes to take timeous steps to limit the damage caused, clean up and rehabilitate the environment.

BBCON will strive to continually identify ways to improve on its environmental performance through an on-going program of review and corrective action and undertakes to provide the necessary resources and management support to achieve this goal. BBCON supports green procurement and encourages its operations to give preference to sub-contractors and suppliers that adopt environmentally responsible practices.

“BBCON recognises that an on-going investment in talent development, skills, training and employee up-liftment is crucial to address the shortage of skills within the industry.”

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Professional project managing is an integral part of BBCON’s operations. To a large measure BBCON’s success is a direct result of careful planning, focused execution, efficient co-ordination and diligent supervision. BBCON is committed to the delivery of quality products and services in full compliance with its contractual requirements. The company and its operating teams are committed to continuous improvement of its processes, systems and services to ensure “Right First Time” delivery.

If you would like to learn more about BBCON and it’s environmental respolities, please feel free to contact us directly using the contact details provided on our ‘CONTACT US’ page. You can alternatively use the contact form provided as well to send your query.


ABOVE & BELOW: Images of 2 different projects where it was explained to BBCON teams that the garden was to be kept untouched and undamaged while work commenced. Careful planning had to be taken into consideration for the preparation of construction work that was to follow. At BBCON we support green procurement and encourage our operations to give preference to sub-contractors and suppliers that adopt environmentally responsible practices as well.

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