Responsibility & accountability

At BBCON we are committed to our responsibilities in respect to safety, health, and the environment, which are integral to the way we do business.

Management of every operating team is responsible for the full implementation of safety, health, and environment management systems. This requires the allocation of appropriate resources and the provision of training, education, consultation and monitoring to ensure compliance.

BBCON will develop, implement and maintain management systems for safety, health and the environment that are consistent with internationally recognised standards which enables us to:

  • Entrench safety as a value for our people which is not compromised.
  • Identify, assess and manage risks to employees, contractors and service providers.
  • Strive to achieve industry best practice.
  • Meet and where appropriate, exceed applicable legal and other requirements.
  • Set and achieve targets that promote the efficient use of natural resources and include reducing and preventing the generation of waste and air pollution.
  • Minimise the impact of our activities on climate change.
  • In implementing this Policy, we commit to open communication with our employees, contractors, service providers and communities to encourage a culture that reflects the intent of this policy.

While we hold our leaders accountable for the safety of our people and expect our managers and supervisors to provide effective leadership in safety, health and the environment, we equally expect all individuals to be responsible for their own safety and the safety of others.

Health and safety plans are an integral part to running a safe environment for all of our staff and sub contractors working on our construction sites. BBCON will always ensure that both our teams and subcontractors are aware of the dangers that can happen on a building site as well as how to avoid these dangers.

For more information regarding BBCON’s health and safety plans, procedures and policies please feel free to contact us using our ‘CONTACT US‘ page. Alternatively you can use the contct form to send your query.

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BBCon will identify, assess and manage risks to employees, contractors and service providers.

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