BBCon Legacy Portfolio

Bringing the past to the future with our Legacy Portfolio

As BBCon continues to move forward we look further back into the past at projects that were previously completed.

Since Mr Hoosain Isaacs began his career in the construction industry (Since the early 1960’s) he has completed many building and construction works in his time. During the many years Hoosain was responsible for building many new homes and structures spread throughout the Western Cape. While completing the many projects he undertook he made many friends within the industry, found new strategic business partners and gained popularity amongst the communities he worked in. However during that time not many of the projects undertaken by Mr Isaacs were documented or photographed but, that is soon change.

Over the next 3 months BBCon’s marketing team will be collecting images of past projects completed before 2010. There are many projects that have never been documented at all. This will truly be challenging as many of the projects have aged considerably over the past few years. Zayne Isaacs has said however this should not affect the process in getting the Legacy project going, here’s a word from him:


“Getting the Legacy project off the ground has been one of my biggest challenges yet so far but, it has also been something I’ve been wanting to do as well. Thankfully, after much time, we will be able to get this way over due project rolling.
We’re going to be searching for structures that were built nearly 50 years ago, this will be incredibly challenging but we need to try to get as many of these past projects documented. Showing our existing clients and potential clients how well our structures, buildings, homes, etc. have been able to stand against corrosion, damage and years of weathering is something I’m very excited about. It will demonstrate that we are not only a highly capable construction company but that we truly focus on building structures that are able to stand the test of time.

Something that I’d also like to just get across to our clients who have used BBCon to promote their own business will also be able to utilise this service as well. We will be offering full on photo-shoots for businesses within the construction industry as well at very reasonable prices. This goes hand in hand with our ‘Outreach’ program we began earlier this week in conjunction with Zyger. We hope to get many companies involved and look forward to seeing how the industry re-acts.” – Zayne Isaacs

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