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The Black Bird Construction website has been completed

After much time under development we are proud to announce that the long awaited Black Bird Construction website has finally been completed. We would like to take this moment to thank Zyger Design for the awesome work they have done, it truly has been a very rewarding experience. Zyger Design has done a fantastic job with the Black Bird Construction website and we would definitely recommend them to anyone needing web based work carried out.

“Zyger Design has done a fantastic job with the Black Bird Construction website…”

We would also like to ask all our clients to take some time to view the new Black Bird Construction website. It is filled with lots of information about various BBCon projects underway, the various construction services that BBCon offers, as well as basic information about the construction industry too.

As you all know, the construction industry is an ever evolving industry and keeping up to date with it can be very difficult. In order to keep up to date with the latest happenings within the industry, we will be updating the BBCon website on a regular basis. So for any news regarding the latest in the construction industry, please feel free to view the BBCon website. We will be adding onto the BBCon website our new services available, updates on new projects, developments and most importantly the latest information regarding the construction industry.

The Black Bird Construction website will be an excellent one stop construction information hub. While you’re there you can even get a quote for any construction or building work needed or, even contact the Black Bird Construction team for any construction information you’re looking for.

Once again all of this could not have been possible without the wonderful team at Zyger Design. So from everyone here at BBCon… thank you Zyger!

Visit the new Black Bird Construction website here.

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