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Drainage and Plumbing

Drainage channels for storm water and sewerage connections to the mains must be dug, sand bedding provided for the protection of the tubing and the trenches refilled. Any additional plumbing/drainage…

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When is Home Renovation Worth It?

When is Home Renovation Worth It? by LAURA ADAMS Due to the soft real estate market, selling a home can take years and leave you with a big financial loss. Many home owners have decided that instead of going through the heartache, they’d rather stay in their home and have a home renovation done. But…
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DIY Faux Brick Wall Panel

DIY Faux Brick Wall Panel   As a photographer of my own tutorials, I always search for variations in photography props including backdrops, tables or floors, light compositions and other related decorations to make a pleasant scene just like those pictures shown in the magazine. One of my favorite backdrops and also the hardest one…
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Checkerboard Kitchen Floor Design Ideas

Checkerboard Kitchen Floor Design Ideas   The checkerboard pattern is a classical. It’s one of the most popular patterns, just like the stripes. It has been adapted in many different ways but there is one place where you’re always expecting to see it: the kitchen floor. It’s a trend that has never disappeared, not even…
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Construction Project: Olsen – New Video

Check out the Black Bird Constructions Project Olsen video!

Here at BBCon we do our very best to ensure we document every step during a building project of any type. We do this to make sure that our clients can see every step we take to make there dream home a reality. Get a full and detailed look at the Project Olsen construction project from the very beginning to the very end in this awesome video put together by BBCon’s design team.

Go step by step, from the foundation work to the very last paint stroke in this short and detailed video. See how our teams built and altered the Olsen family’s home beautiful home.

Here are some details regarding the project:

Construction Project: Here the existing double storey home was extended on both sides to create more room on the ground floor, and then extended upwards to the second floor.  The existing house was completely refurbished, the garage enlarged and a carport added. A ‘Juliet’ suspended balcony was added to an upper floor bedroom

Architect: Bronwyn Oosthuizen
Job location: Plumstead, Cape Town

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