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Black Bird Construction: Legacy set one launches

Black Bird Construction legacy sets finally launch It has been an incredible journey for the team at Black Bird Construction. Starting simply as an apprentice plaster, Hoosain Isaacs built up his skill set and eventually established his own building company. Over the many years, the company underwent various changes to get to where it is today. It has…
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Checkerboard Kitchen Floor Design Ideas

Checkerboard Kitchen Floor Design Ideas   The checkerboard pattern is a classical. It’s one of the most popular patterns, just like the stripes. It has been adapted in many different ways but there is one place where you’re always expecting to see it: the kitchen floor. It’s a trend that has never disappeared, not even…
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New Video: Flooring

Black Bird Construction - Flooring servicesFlooring Services Video

View the latest video put together by our highly talented design team here at BBCon.

Take a tour through some of our past projects and view some the great work carried out by BBCons talented building teams. As you watch the video you will see various flooring types and products being installed such as bamboo, pine, tiling and many many more being utilised throughout many of our works / projects.

If you’d like to learn more about BBCon, its divisions, building / construction work, and in particular our flooring services, please feel free to contact us here.

Project Frassek – New Video

SAM_1026-project-frassek-black-bird-constructionCheck out the Black Bird Construction Project Frassek video!

Get a full and detailed look at Project Frassek construction project from the very beginning to the very end in this awesome video put together by BBCon’s design team.

Go step by step, from foundation to the very last paint stroke in this short and detailed video of still images.

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