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Small Projects: Time Management

Small Projects: Time Management Troy Hill   Time   For this topic, I’ll use a current project. For my business minded friends, I’ll admit I missed the mark on time management. The work was more important, but that’s another topic, another day. I’ve shared recently about a small, 350 square foot bedroom/bath addition to a…
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Portfolio update: Restoration Project Enock

From dilapidated to new! Check out the Enock Restoration Project

In for a surprise!

What a project this was, I remember encountering a very friendly couple outside of Build-It Wynberg one day who approached me and asked if I could give them a quotation to restore a damaged and vandalized house they owned. I agreed and took a drive up to Eerste River with them.

When we got to the site I was completely dumbstruck at how badly vandalized the place had been, it was terrible. The existing trusses had been cut out – probably used as fire wood or something. I couldn’t help feel like the roof was about to cave in on me – crazy stuff. The geyser, all electrical wiring throughout the house, light fittings had been removed or stolen.

“…broken tiles, damaged plaster work… a complete wreck.”

Besides the fact that everything of some worth was stolen, whoever lived or occupied the home not only stole what they could but to make things worse they damaged what they could as well. The kitchen area was a mess with broken tiles, damaged plaster work… a complete wreck. The bathroom had been mauled with a jackhammer, the cupboards had been ripped off the walls… complete and utter chaos!

Black Bird Construction - Restoration Project Enock - 2011

After assessing the damages to the home and speaking to the Enock couple, I set off and prepared my quote. After a few days I got a call from the couple approving my quote and they gave the go ahead to begin the restoration project.

Lets begin…

The first step was making sure that those dodgy trusses were repaired immediately! We then started removing waste and old rubble that had littered the property. This home was a wreck and we needed to fix it within 3 weeks. Preparation was an integral part to insuring a quick and efficient restoration project.

Project Enock - After

After the trusses had been repaired we installed the ceilings, rafters, sanitary ware, hot water cylinder, new aluminium windows and internal doors were replaced.
Quite an extensive amount of plaster-work inside and out had to be carried out to the badly damaged walls and the addition of plaster bands to windows had been requested by the client. Following on was a complete re-paint throughout both the interior and exterior which resulted in a brand new house that looked even better than its original self.

The Enock restoration project had turned out to be an overall success with the Enock couple really happy with the results. To check out all the pictures of this amazing transformation either visit our Project Enock Facebook gallery here or our Google+ page here – dont forget to drop us a like or an +1.

Construction Project: Olsen – New Video

Check out the Black Bird Constructions Project Olsen video!

Here at BBCon we do our very best to ensure we document every step during a building project of any type. We do this to make sure that our clients can see every step we take to make there dream home a reality. Get a full and detailed look at the Project Olsen construction project from the very beginning to the very end in this awesome video put together by BBCon’s design team.

Go step by step, from the foundation work to the very last paint stroke in this short and detailed video. See how our teams built and altered the Olsen family’s home beautiful home.

Here are some details regarding the project:

Construction Project: Here the existing double storey home was extended on both sides to create more room on the ground floor, and then extended upwards to the second floor.  The existing house was completely refurbished, the garage enlarged and a carport added. A ‘Juliet’ suspended balcony was added to an upper floor bedroom

Architect: Bronwyn Oosthuizen
Job location: Plumstead, Cape Town

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Project Frassek – New Video

SAM_1026-project-frassek-black-bird-constructionCheck out the Black Bird Construction Project Frassek video!

Get a full and detailed look at Project Frassek construction project from the very beginning to the very end in this awesome video put together by BBCon’s design team.

Go step by step, from foundation to the very last paint stroke in this short and detailed video of still images.

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