Checkerboard Kitchen Floor Design Ideas

Checkerboard Kitchen Floor Design Ideas


The checkerboard pattern is a classical. It’s one of the most popular patterns, just like the stripes. It has been adapted in many different ways but there is one place where you’re always expecting to see it: the kitchen floor. It’s a trend that has never disappeared, not even in modern homes. It’s just been adapted and adjusted but the essence remained the same.


A traditional kitchen interior featuring checkerboard flooring

The term “checkerboard” is used to refer to any rectangular square-tiled board while the adjective “checkered” refers to the pattern. This pattern can be seen in many locations, including the race flag or national symbols. Still, it remains the pattern mostly used in kitchens. The reason why it has remained popular is because of its simplicity. It’s a very simple pattern and, most importantly, originally it features the colours black and white.


Black and white checkerboard flooring in an eclectic kitchen defined by contrasts and simplicity.


A different version of the checkerboard flooring, this time with grey instead of black.


In a contemporary kitchen, the checkerboard flooring adds a touch of classicism.


Minimalist, modern kitchen interior with a black and white décor and checkerboard flooring.


For a cohesive décor, focus on the same combo of colors and on the contrast.


Wooden kitchen floor stained in a checkered pattern for a more dynamic look.

As we all know, the black and white combination is a classical and it’s timeless so when you use on a checkered pattern it becomes a timeless combo itself. Checkerboard kitchen flooring is usually associated with traditional interior designs. Nevertheless, it looks wonderful in modern and contemporary kitchens as well.

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