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There is no project too big or too small for the team at Black Bird Construction to handle. Take a look through our portfolio and you’ll see projects varying in size and type.

Since it’s establishment Black Bird Construction has been highly active in the construction industry. Serving many satisfied clients over the years, we have established a broad and diverse portfolio of varying construction and building projects.
Below are various projects carried out by BBCon and it’s building divisions such as; Zicon, Gaiacon, Terracon, Taai, SCIPS, Ultracon and ROKR. To view the images taken during the building/construction phases of the below projects, simply click on the thumbnail for a pop-up to appear. However, if you would like to know more details on the project and see a more in-depth look click on the title/name of the project to go to its corresponding web page. On each web page you will find various information and details regarding the construction project. The information detailing the projects includes; which contractors/divisions worked on the building project, the architects, engineers and other professionals, costings, as well as how long it took to complete.
Please feel free to leave comments on each page, let us know your thoughts and what you think about our work. Also be sure to check out our Facebook page to see an even more in-depth look into each one of our projects. If you would like to know more about any of the projects listed below and the next few pages please feel free to contact us. Also don’t forget to check out our services pages, all the details regarding the various construction & building services we offer can be found there –
  • Votersen – CIB\P399209/4 – 2017

    Votersen – CIB\P399209/4 – 2

    Votersen Flooring, painting and those final little touches The Votersen job is an Insurance based job involving a burst shower…

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  • 53 On Park – 1983

    53 On Park – 1983

    53 On Park – Wynberg – 1983

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  • Park House – 1981

    Park House – 1981

    Park House – Wynberg – 1981

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  • Sybrand Mews – 1992

    Sybrand Mews – 1992

    Sybrand Mews – Wynberg – 1992

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  • Alice Springs – 1999

    Alice Springs – 1999

    Alice Springs – Goodwood – 1999

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  • Monte Palma – 2001

    Monte Palma – 2001

    Monte Palma – Goodwood – 2001 Project type Project value Location

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  • Monte Verde – 2001

    Monte Verde – 2001

    Monte Verde – Goodwood – 2001 Project type Project value Location

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  • Rendezvous Village – 2001

    Rendezvous Village – 2001

    Rendezvous Village – Mossel Bay – 2001 Rendezvous Village was built from 2001 and was finally completed in 2002. The…

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  • Olivier – 2016

    Olivier – 2016

    Olivier – Melkbosstrand – 2016 A quick, little job requiring carpentry work, a plumber and a painter. This job entailed…

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  • Schultz – 2016

    Schultz – 2016

    Schultz – Parklands – 2016 The client’s geyser had blown causing water-based damage to the ceilings and surrounding area. This…

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  • Maple Mews – Unit 17

    Maple Mews – Unit 17

    Maple Mews – Unit 17 Laminated flooring boards were damaged due to water damage from the roof. We needed to…

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  • Maple Mews – Unit 19

    Maple Mews – Unit 19

    Maple Mews – Unit 19 Matching the new with the old This job entailed the repairs to a damaged ceiling…

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  • Project Enock

    Project Enock

    RESTORATION PROJECT ENOCK: 2011 EERSTE RIVER Restoration Project: Insurance claim for the repairs and restoring of a home severely damaged by…

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  • Project Olsen

    Project Olsen

    PROJECT OLSEN: 2013 CONSTANTIA Construction Project: Here the existing double storey home was extended on both sides to create more room…

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  • Project Kron 2

    Project Kron 2

    PROJECT KRON 2: 2012 VREDEHOEK Construction Project: This upper floor apartment was extended upwards to build a bedroom and bathroom…

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  • Project Pospech

    Project Pospech

    PROJECT POSPECH: 2012 MEADOWRIDGE Construction Project: Add upper floor with bedrooms and bathrooms and upper external entertainment deck, wired for light…

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  • Project Slade

    Project Slade

    PROJECT SLADE: 2011 BERGVLIET Construction Project: An upper story floor consisting of 2 bedrooms, bathroom, bar and entertainment area was…

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  • Project De Villiers

    Project De Villiers

    PROJECT DE VILLIERS: 2012 NEWLANDS Project: The restoration and renovation of this Victorian era style home involved the repair of the…

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  • Project Miller

    Project Miller

    PROJECT MILLER: 2013 CONSTANTIA (PHASE 1) Project: Plumbing and drainage installation included and allowed for a grey water reticulation system.…

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  • Project Ramsay

    Project Ramsay

    PROJECT RAMSAY: 2011 BERGVLIET The Ramsay Project involved the altering and restoring of much internal works of the existing home.…

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  • Project Kron

    Project Kron

    PROJECT KRON: 2011 VREDEHOEK Project: Extend a bachelor flat to double its original size and volume by adding a room in…

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  • Project Potgieter

    Project Potgieter

    PROJECT POTGIETER: 2011 MEADOWRIDGE Project: This single storey existing house was extended on all four sides to include a new…

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  • Project Frassek

    Project Frassek

    PROJECT FRASSEK: 2012 PLUMSTEAD Project: Add double garage and separate guest or bed and breakfast accommodation to existing house. The…

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  • Project Wrankmore

    Project Wrankmore

    PROJECT WRANKMORE: 2011 DIEP RIVER Construction Project: This project consisted of extending the existing house to create an indoor/outdoor braai…

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  • Project Lee

    Project Lee

    PROJECT LEE: 2013 FISH HOEK Project: New triple story home on sloping site. The basement floor, intended for use by the owner…

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  • Project Ramsay 2

    Project Ramsay 2

    PROJECT RAMSAY 2: 2010 BERGVLIET Construction Project: After a very successful interior renovation project carried out by Black Bird Construction…

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  • Project Lumpp

    Project Lumpp

    PROJECT LUMPP: 2013 CONSTANTIA Project:  Add lounge, bedrooms, bathrooms and garages to L-shaped extension on two floors. To cut costs…

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