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  • Votersen – CIB\P399209/4 – 2017

    Votersen – CIB\P399209/4 – 2

    Votersen Flooring, painting and those final little touches The Votersen job is an Insurance based job involving a burst shower…

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  • 53 On Park – 1983

    53 On Park – 1983

    53 On Park – Wynberg – 1983

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  • Park House – 1981

    Park House – 1981

    Park House – Wynberg – 1981

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  • Sybrand Mews – 1992

    Sybrand Mews – 1992

    Sybrand Mews – Wynberg – 1992

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  • Alice Springs – 1999

    Alice Springs – 1999

    Alice Springs – Goodwood – 1999

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  • Monte Palma – 2001

    Monte Palma – 2001

    Monte Palma – Goodwood – 2001 Project type Project value Location

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  • Monte Verde – 2001

    Monte Verde – 2001

    Monte Verde – Goodwood – 2001 Project type Project value Location

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  • Rendezvous Village – 2001

    Rendezvous Village – 2001

    Rendezvous Village – Mossel Bay – 2001 Rendezvous Village was built from 2001 and was finally completed in 2002. The…

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  • Olivier – 2016

    Olivier – 2016

    Olivier – Melkbosstrand – 2016 A quick, little job requiring carpentry work, a plumber and a painter. This job entailed…

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  • Schultz – 2016

    Schultz – 2016

    Schultz – Parklands – 2016 The client’s geyser had blown causing water-based damage to the ceilings and surrounding area. This…

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  • Maple Mews – Unit 17

    Maple Mews – Unit 17

    Maple Mews – Unit 17 Laminated flooring boards were damaged due to water damage from the roof. We needed to…

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  • Maple Mews – Unit 19

    Maple Mews – Unit 19

    Maple Mews – Unit 19 Matching the new with the old This job entailed the repairs to a damaged ceiling…

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  • Project Enock

    Project Enock

    RESTORATION PROJECT ENOCK: 2011 EERSTE RIVER Restoration Project: Insurance claim for the repairs and restoring of a home severely damaged by…

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  • Project Olsen

    Project Olsen

    PROJECT OLSEN: 2013 CONSTANTIA Construction Project: Here the existing double storey home was extended on both sides to create more room…

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  • Project Kron 2

    Project Kron 2

    PROJECT KRON 2: 2012 VREDEHOEK Construction Project: This upper floor apartment was extended upwards to build a bedroom and bathroom…

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  • Project Pospech

    Project Pospech

    PROJECT POSPECH: 2012 MEADOWRIDGE Construction Project: Add upper floor with bedrooms and bathrooms and upper external entertainment deck, wired for light…

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  • Project Slade

    Project Slade

    PROJECT SLADE: 2011 BERGVLIET Construction Project: An upper story floor consisting of 2 bedrooms, bathroom, bar and entertainment area was…

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  • Project De Villiers

    Project De Villiers

    PROJECT DE VILLIERS: 2012 NEWLANDS Project: The restoration and renovation of this Victorian era style home involved the repair of the…

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  • Project Miller

    Project Miller

    PROJECT MILLER: 2013 CONSTANTIA (PHASE 1) Project: Plumbing and drainage installation included and allowed for a grey water reticulation system.…

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  • Project Ramsay

    Project Ramsay

    PROJECT RAMSAY: 2011 BERGVLIET The Ramsay Project involved the altering and restoring of much internal works of the existing home.…

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  • Project Kron

    Project Kron

    PROJECT KRON: 2011 VREDEHOEK Project: Extend a bachelor flat to double its original size and volume by adding a room in…

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  • Project Potgieter

    Project Potgieter

    PROJECT POTGIETER: 2011 MEADOWRIDGE Project: This single storey existing house was extended on all four sides to include a new…

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  • Project Frassek

    Project Frassek

    PROJECT FRASSEK: 2012 PLUMSTEAD Project: Add double garage and separate guest or bed and breakfast accommodation to existing house. The…

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  • Project Wrankmore

    Project Wrankmore

    PROJECT WRANKMORE: 2011 DIEP RIVER Construction Project: This project consisted of extending the existing house to create an indoor/outdoor braai…

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  • Project Lee

    Project Lee

    PROJECT LEE: 2013 FISH HOEK Project: New triple story home on sloping site. The basement floor, intended for use by the owner…

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  • Project Ramsay 2

    Project Ramsay 2

    PROJECT RAMSAY 2: 2010 BERGVLIET Construction Project: After a very successful interior renovation project carried out by Black Bird Construction…

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  • Project Lumpp

    Project Lumpp

    PROJECT LUMPP: 2013 CONSTANTIA Project:  Add lounge, bedrooms, bathrooms and garages to L-shaped extension on two floors. To cut costs…

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