Drainage and Plumbing

Preparations being made for the installation of a soakaway septic tank.
Septic tank detail

Drainage channels for storm water and sewerage connections to the mains must be dug, sand bedding provided for the protection of the tubing and the trenches refilled. Any additional plumbing/drainage or special requirements, if the area is particularly boggy or has a high water table, like agricultural piping which is used to drain excessive water runoff underground is installed.  Tubing for water features, such as garden fountains, can also be provided for at this stage.

Irrigation pipe section before being finally wrapped.


Tubing for the interior bathroom fixtures and furniture will be marked out and fitted as well as the placing of vents. This tubing will connect with the external drainage, and out to the municipal connection points.

Installation of a septic tank and soakaway in rural Constantia
Septic tank completion before being filled and covered.


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