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We, like presumably all businesses, are looking to expand our customer database and we therefore invite various members within the construction industry to join us on a possibly mutually beneficial partnership in the effort to do so. BBCON has partnered with Zyger, a design company, to create various services we can now offer to our service providers. read more below to find out what sort of services BBCON and Zyger can offer you today.

What’s on offer

Recently BBCON partnered up with Zyger Hosting (PTY) Ltd. in an initiative to provide members within the building and construction industry with modern and effective web based services. These services include I.T, website design, hosting and website maintenance. No one besides a construction company understands what a construction/building company needs to promote their business. That is the idea behind this very special partnership is to provide service providers within the construction industry with digital based marketing services such as website design, graphic design, photography and various other web based services that will not only help promote their business but hopefully attract more clientele.

In today’s age it is essential to have some sort of online presence to help promote your business, even if it is a simple single-page website. Having existing or potential clients able to find you online and then being able to contact you is incredibly important.
Whether you currently have a website online or not, we propose a symbiotic relationship that will offer you higher exposure through advertising and the showcasing of your talents or field of specialty on our established websites, built and designed by both Zyger and BBCON. This offer is extended specifically to:


As we know, repetitive use of names and logos tend to remain in the memory of any potential client, and an excellent visual can be worth a thousand words. This is how we intend to assist companies in need of creating awareness for their businesses. We will acheive this by utilising our network of websites to market and promote companies who decide to work with us.

Yet another method to draw traffic and attention is to establish a forum where building problems and their solutions can be discussed along with viable options. This can be used as a great means to promote your business, create new connections, as well as meet new clients.

Our mission

Our main mission is to provide members within the industry a strong and  online presence. This will allow these businesses to not only market their services online but to be able to display there portfolio’s as well. With the World changing so fast and the fact that the majority of people use smart phones and tablets the need to have some sort of online presence continues to grow. Our online team at BBCON, in conjunction with Zyger, will be able to assist other construction companies, architects, hardwares and the various other tradesmen within the industry with the development of there own websites.

About ourselves


BBCON (Black Bird Construction) is a Cape Town (South Africa) based construction/building company of many years. We are experienced in the field of construction and have completed numerous housing developments, new residential homes, small to medium sized commercial undertakings and major and minor alteration works.

As a construction company we have an extensive amount of experience with construction and building services and understand very well the need to promote and market these types of business. Making this special partnership with Zyger Hosting an ideal opportunity for any of the above mentioned industry members a great opportunity they should definitely take full advantage of. This is not just a great way to expand or improve your existing marketing strategy but also an excellent business opportunity to work with a well established construction company.

Zyger… Design, Host, Maintain

As a benefit to working with BBCON you will have various web based services available at great and affordable prices. As a strategic partner with Zyger Hosting, a web design and hosting company offering a comprehensive and expansive array of web services that include; website design, E-Commerce services, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) services and many more we offer our clients and partners a chance to take their businesses to a new level. As a construction/building company we know exactly what is required when marketing and promoting construction, architectural design based services online. Working together with Zyger enables us to assist members within the industry like no other web design company, with their highly talented designers coupled together with our vast knowledge regarding the construction industry, you can expect nothing less than absolute amazing products.

The Zyger team is dedicated to the development, hosting and maintaining of our various divisions, partners and clients websites as well as all marketing and design work. Here are a few of the websites the team at Zyger’s team have completed thus far:


Because of our strong links to Zyger we are able to provide all of their services, through this business opportunity, to our clients at the same or even better rates. The websites designed by Zyger are great ways to show off what you or your company can do. Be it the design of a loft studio or the practical application of etched glass or even intricate plaster or even brick work, the Zyger team along with BBCon will create an online platform that best demonstrates your services or portfolio by way of pictures, short videos and explanatory descriptions.

Are you interested?

Take advantage of this exclusive business opportunity today! If you’d like to know more about BBCON or Zyger and their services simply contact us using the details below. Or fill out the contact form, click send and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


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E: zi@zyger.co.za