Maple Mews – Unit 19

Maple Mews – Unit 19

Matching the new with the old

This job entailed the repairs to a damaged ceiling as well as laminated flooring caused by a flood of water from the building’s roof. We removed the existing ceiling boards as well as the existing damaged laminated flooring boards.

Black Bird Construction - Flooring job

The finer details: Quadrants are installed at the base of the cupboard unit positioned in the corridor.

The existing cornices were removed carefully as we needed to ensure that they stayed in good condition for when they were being reattached as we could not source the exact same cornice. The new ceiling boards were placed in with skimming work being done thereafter. We then began work on the flooring boards.

The skirting boards were removed and the laminated flooring was installed and cut to size where need be. The skirting boards were then reinstalled and painted with white enamel paint.

Flooring boards

A variety – Before we could install the flooring boards our client needed to select a board. He found this tough as he felt a change was in order from the last few boards he had in his home.

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