Olivier – 2016

Olivier – Melkbosstrand – 2016

A quick, little job requiring carpentry work, a plumber and a painter.

This job entailed the repair of a leaking toilet waste pipe. The pipe, however, was encased in a wooden box unit that needed to be stripped and later placed back together and repainted. The job required a plumber and a carpenter and painter. The initial bit of work required the carpenter to carefully disassemble the casing unit so that reassembling it would be a simple process. The plumber, Rezaam Isaacs, carried out the repairs to the damaged pipework and the carpenter was called back in to reassemble the box and finally, the paintwork was carried out. The job was a success and took only 2 days to complete.

Black Bird Construction - Plumbing, carpentry, painting job

The maintenance job out in Melkbosstrand required the stripping of the wooden casing covering the drainage pipes.

Black Bird Construction - Melkbosstrand job

Gaining access to the pipework was essential in completing this maintenance job.

If you require any small maintenance jobs carried out like this very one, feel free to contact Black Bird Construction right away. We’ll assist you the very best we can.