Restoration Project: Insurance claim for the repairs and restoring of a home severely damaged by vandalism and theft.  Ceilings, rafters, sanitary ware, hot water cylinder, windows and doors were replaced. Plaster-work inside and out and the addition of plaster bands to windows and a complete paint throughout resulted in a brand new house. The Enock restoration project turned out to be an overall success.

Architect: N/A
Job location: Eerste River, Cape Town

Black Bird Construction - Project Enock - 2011

In shambles… damaged trusses were a major concern when we got to the Enock property. The existing truss work had been damaged in key structural points and needed to be repaired as soon as possible.

Restoration Project Enock

This was the kitchen area before we began our restoration work to the project. As you can see the kitchen had been wrecked by whoever occupied the space before. The Enock home was a complete disaster.

Restoration Project Enock 2011

Extensive amounts of exterior plaster repair work were needed. In the above image optional plastered bands were requested to be added around the newly installed aluminium windows.

Restoration Project enock

New life… In the above image the priming coat of paint has been applied. Next is the first and final coat of colour paint.

Black Bird Construction - Restoration Project Enock - Final

Restoration accomplished… The Enock home has finally been restored and has even been given a new look. To get the Enock home to this point took a matter of 3 weeks.

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