Portfolio Tag: brick work

Schultz – 2016

Schultz - Parklands - 2016 The client's geyser had blown causing water-based damage to the ceilings and surrounding area. This included the walls, paintwork, light fitting, skirting boards and cornices. All the existing ceiling boards and cornices were removed and discarded of and the walls scraped and prepped for new paint. Once the new boards…
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Maple Mews – Unit 19

Maple Mews - Unit 19 Matching the new with the old This job entailed the repairs to a damaged ceiling as well as laminated flooring caused by a flood of water from the building's roof. We removed the existing ceiling boards as well as the existing damaged laminated flooring boards. [caption id="attachment_4204" align="aligncenter" width="1328"] The…
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Project Enock

RESTORATION PROJECT ENOCK: 2011 EERSTE RIVER Restoration Project: Insurance claim for the repairs and restoring of a home severely damaged by vandalism and theft.  Ceilings, rafters, sanitary ware, hot water cylinder, windows and doors were replaced. Plaster-work inside and out and the addition of plaster bands to windows and a complete paint throughout resulted in a…
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